Laura Clancy is the proud founder and C.E.O. of Muffin Toppled® Enterprises, Inc. whose Mission is to Educate, Inspire & Entertain MILLIONS to a healthier and happier life. How on earth could someone be so bold as to say, "MILLIONS"? With a solid plan in hand and passion in her heart, she offers Holistic Wellness Seminars and Fitness Coaching and Fat Loss accountability to corporations, small groups and individuals. Still wonder how MILLIONS will be affected? Stay tuned to this Billboard...

In a quest to spread the Wellness Message with GUSTO, Laura penned the award-winning book, WIT and FIT™ & co-authored the Best-Selling Book Results Fitness in 2012. There were more books but she won't bore you with that. In 2013, Laura ventured into presenting Wit and Fit™ Holistic Wellness Seminars designed to creatively goad and provide attendees with the pivotal ideas and tools necessary to balance their body, mind, spirit, health, and wealth to achieve ultimate happiness.

Part of Laura's journey was weight training for external as well as internal strength. That's amazing because as a recovering accountant and stay-at-home mom prior to 1999, the only weight that Laura had ever lifted was a fork fully loaded with sweet food. Yet in 2008, after years of yo-yo dieting, Laura got serious and re-toppled her own muffin, leaping from amateur status to professional. By 2009, Laura had become a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Nutrition Consultant at the National Personal Training Institute. Muffin Toppled Opened it's doors in 2010, and the rest is history!

What a journey! Please join MuffinToppled® and its owner Laura Clancy to find your best tomorrow..it's quite a ride!

Fun Aside: Laura is also a competitive power-lifter and held six world records in 100% RAW Federation. She also is a Short-Form Improvist with the Home ImprovMints. Her biggest passion is the future and all it has to offer mankind and to waking people up to their potential!