MUFON Georgia is the official state chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.

With about 2,500 members worldwide, the Mutual UFO Network is the largest international organization of its kind. MUFON is headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Founded in 1969, MUFON is a Nonprofit Corporation under §§ 501 (c)(3) and 509 (a)(2) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

MUFON’s mission statement is “The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity.” Its stated goals are to 1) investigate UFO sightings and collect the data in the MUFON Database for use by researchers worldwide; 2)promote research on UFOs to discover the true nature of the phenomenon, with an eye towards scientific breakthroughs, and improving life on our planet; and 3) to educate the public on the UFO phenomenon and its potential impact on society.