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Celebrate Life’s Special Moments with Our Patent Pending Line of Hats  

•     Marriage (Newlywed)
•     Pregnancy (Mom to Be/Dad to Be)
•     Birth of a child (New Mom/New Dad/Big Brother/Big Sister)
•     Nursery School/Kindergarten Graduation (Grad to Be)
•     mul-TT-asking (just about everybody)

 Brought to you by mul-TT-askMOMS™ of Boca Raton, Florida.  

Announce your pregnancy to family and friends – and then show how far along you are with our interchangeable month modifiers. Let Dad experience the happiness of “expecting” as well with our companion hat just for him. And get free shipping too for your entire order when you purchase both hats.
New Moms and Dads
Having a newborn baby in your home requires you to wear many hats. Whether it’s Playtime,” “Storytime” or Feedingtime,” have fun with your baby, and soon to be toddler, with our line of interchangeable New Mom, New Dad, Mom and Dad hats with interchangeable “status identifiers.” And when it’s time for you to take a break, we have an “Off Duty” identifier.  
Our selection of interchangeable “status identifiers” will grow in response to your desires, which we will obtain from surveys that we will email to you.  
And don’t forget. If you don’t see an item that you would like on your cap, please let us know.  
In addition to hats for the happy new parents, we are developing a line of Big Sister and Big Brother hats, as well as new Grandma and new Grandpa hats, so that your entire family can share the excitement.
Just married
Announce to the world that you just got married - and keep tabs on how many weeks you have been newlyweds with our weekly interchangeable identifiers.  
Moms, Dads, Everyone Else
Once your newborn grows past the infancy stage, you and your toddler son or daughter will be able to use an even broader selection of “status identifiers.”  
Soon to Be Grads – the countdown
We are designing a special countdown hat for soon to be grads – months left, weeks left and days left. A representative from your school should contact us for details.