People from all walks of life in South Africa are looking for a bet
ter, alternative way to earn a living.  
They want to earn without having to obey the alarm clock, commuting to and from work, working for someone who is only interested in growing the company's own profits.  People always asks:  “Is this a pyramid scheme”?  I say working for a Company or for someone else is what I would call a ’pyramid scheme’, as only the man at the top makes a decent living.

Why Network Marketing?

It offers you all the benefits of starting your own business without the costs, planning, set up costs and problems that comes with a traditional business.  In Network Marketing you get to enjoy all the benefits of working for yourself. Yet, whilst you are in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself, because the business consists of a network of people working towards the same goals, to be successful and get there but also help each other to get there.  In network marketing you do not only look after your own interests, but seek to make as many people as possible just as successful as you are or, better still, more successful than you are.

How does that happen?

In our business you do not only earn from your own efforts, but also the efforts of those who partner with you and your team and it is the same for everyone.  No one is automatically entitled to earn more than the next one.  Everyone earns according to his own efforts and generally it is the hard work and consistent effort you put into your own business and that of your team that leads to success.

How do I start my own Network Marketing Business and become an Independent Consultant for Multisure?

You subscribe to at least one of our services yourself, either Legalsure or Funisure, or both if you like.

From there on we show you how to effectively market those exact same services to others as well as show them how to set up their own businesses.  This you can do part-time or full-time.  In other words, we sell you services and an income opportunity so that you can start marketing minutes after we have processed your application.
Note:   Multisure is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP number 21043)

How will I do the business?

Three options are available - internet, one-on-one or both methods. We show you exactly how to do it with full back-up, support and training from not only the one who introduced you to the business but also from our Offices.  Our Administration Department does all your administration FOR you.  You will receive a monthly statement from the company to show all transactions and your downline progress.
We have worked with people from all walks of life and have helped them succeed.  We are ready to do it for you.

What makes this business extra special?

This is a multi-network system that works on 4 levels.  You earn on behalf of people under you that signed people up under themselves.

How much will it cost me?

For as little as a R110 once off payment you can join and start you own business.  After that it will only cost you R30 per month if this is the cover you have chosen.   I have to mention that you will not find a cheaper and more affordable business out there.

What is in it for me?

You will receive your very own business with replicated websites which you can use for your advertising on the Internet as well as a free  personal email address.  You will earn a once off bonus for each sign up as well as an ongoing monthly commission on that same sign up FOR  LIFE, or for as long as that person pays his/her premium.

If you want to apply immediately, you can go directly to my Multisure website at –

Once you have clicked on the website above, go directly to ‘Our Partners’ at the top to the right,  click on either FUNISURE or LEGALSURE – depending on the cover that you want.  Then click on “Join Now’ which will be on the top or bottom bar.  Fill in your details and submit, or print it and fax to 086 654 2375.


You can also print the Application forms by clicking the following links –


So….for only R30 per month, you can own your own Internet business.

We have ONE goal – to provide a quality, affordable service which
everyone can afford while helping others achieve financial freedom.


Make that choice today, build your own success.......
and get the best out of life.