TanksandEquipment.com was developed to help engineers at manufacturing companies get more done in less time so they can shorten their work week and spend more time doing what they love.

The site's genesis came from the frustration of a former corporate engineer who recognized that a large part of his time was spent doing administrative tasks instead of improving processes and managing projects.

As he analyzed how he spent his time, he recognized that most of his time on preparing a project was spent on getting prices from vendors. This site is the launching pad for a portal where engineers will not only be able to specify tanks and equipment, but where they will be able to consolidate all of their pricing efforts into one place.

In addition, engineers will save time by providing feedback to vendors one time through an integrated messaging system that is built into the site.

Registration and use by buyers is free. Fabricators and suppliers pay a modest monthly fee for access to the site.

We make buying tanks used in manufacturing easy, painless and inexpensive by reducing the amount of money you need to spend with consulting engineering companies to develop tank specifications and bid documents.