Music  for movies, music for commercials, music for video games, Etc, all  written by Joseph Rigatuso, I write my own top quality all original #1  type music for motion pictures, tv commercials, movies made for tv, tv  shows, video games, you name it I can do it. I am a songwriter/musician  and a keyboard artist and I write my own original music, including all  music types and styles and they are all copyrighted and recorded and  professionally mixed in my studio. Most of my music I write is  heartfelt. I have a complete album with all types and styles of written music played by me. Everything that I write is Copyrighted. Please  let me know what project that you need done and I will discuss my  rates. Feel free to fill out my contact form to listen to my 12 full  songs from my album 60 Minutes Of  Wonderful Music. I only work remotely.

I  had the fortunate opportunity to meet and have a picture taken with the  late great Donald Dempsey. This may have been the last photo taken of  him. Mr. Dempsey came into my computer repair office in FL in the year 2004 to have his computer repaired by me. I was very honored to meet such a  wonderful kind human being. Mr. Dempsey became general manager in 1978 of Epic Portrait Associated (Epic Records, Portrait Records and CBS Associated Labels Group,  etc and he is shown holding the original Michael Jackson's Thriller  Album plaque given to Mr. Dempsey by Michael Jackson himself. Mr Dempsey  was responsible for the aggressive marketing of Michael Jackson's 1982  album Thriller which sold over 40 million copies. See wikipedia page  below for more of Donald Dempsey.  

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Thank you
Joseph Rigatuso