MusiCHI Suite is an integrated "High Fidelity" music organizer to manage and listen to digital music, providing ultimate customization, unlimited size of library, incomparable tagging capabilities, and bit perfect output. It includes four applications (Player, Ripper, Tagger, Library Manager), each optimized for its task, where newly introduced fields (such as Instruments, Composition, Period, Performers, Style and some user defined customs fields) relevant to music classification can be utilized. Unlike other programs, in MusiCHI Suite the library operates just as a keeper (temporarily or not) of the audio file tags (aka metadata) and a speedy search tool, as all information resides inside the audio files. Furthermore, it is equipped with a database engine that allows virtually unlimited size of libraries.
The Suite also includes a reference database for classical music, MusiCHI Clean©®. There are now more than 7,500 composers and 12,000 performers in classical and over 165,000 in jazz, all having been properly corrected and normalized with full respect of their local spelling (umlaut, accents etc.), i.e. the program and the database are both fully Unicode compliant. Furthermore, the integrated catalogs of the compositions (over 26.000 compositions) of the 125 most famous composers are included.
MusiCHI Suite is a multi-library system, allowing for one more level of grouping, for example Classical, Jazz, World Music, etc. According to the library, the user interface, audio tracks data and tagging pick-lists can change, since different styles of music have different logic and personalities: with classical music Composer/ Composition is more valuable information than Artist/ Album. The software is available in English and French. MusiCHI Suite is designed to run on Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or 8.1), but it has also been successfully used on Macintosh, running either “Fusion” or “Parallel” virtual machines applications.
MusiCHI Suite is WASAPI compatible, allowing to by-pass the video sound mixer of Windows and achieving bit perfect digital output, having passed bit transparency tests with a Weiss DAC202.
Favoring the best audio sound, open standards and flexible capabilities in every aspect of creating digital music libraries, it can play FLAC files up to 24 bits/ 385.2 KHZ), with additional support for MP3, MP4, APE, WMA & M4A (lossy & lossless), WAVE (“taggable”) and AIFF. Furthermore, MusiCHI Suite provides a converter to Mp3, to synch easily to a portable device.