Music Hoarders United is a hungry independent record label designed to showcase new underground music by artists you’ve probably never heard of. We understand the drive and satisfaction that defines the creative process – because we’re musicians, too! Associated with leading music loving sites The ‘Vinyl Hoarders’ and ‘Vinyl & CD Hoarders’ on Facebook, our manifesto is simple – ‘Good music deserves to be heard’.

We don’t give a damn how old an artist is, if they have ever done a live gig, if they currently have no audience, or where they live. There is a lot of indie music promotion going on out there but still so much fantastic music goes unheard. We know this is simply because many artists do not fit the magical money making criteria – or the predetermined marketing mould – and no one will give them a chance.

So come and join us on our journey of discovery. Our goal is to release a series of collectible compilation albums, as well as releases by individual artists and bands. We also believe that within every artist is a compelling story – and we look forward to sharing the personal experiences, influences and inspirations of fellow music makers from around the globe.

So let’s unite and start hoarding those unheard musical gems from across the world.