Mustakbil.com is Pakistan's No.1 jobs website that help jobseekers to find the jobs of their own choice, while providing a unique platform for employers to advertise different career opportunities available in their organization and receive resumes from the potential candidates online.
Nation’s leading jobs portal was started on October 7, 2004 on domain naukri.com.pk which was later moved to Mustakbil.com on August 13, 2005.

As online recruitment was a new concept in Pakistan; therefore most of the people were not familiar with the working of a jobs portal. Since its launch, top quality services from Mustakbil.com, including excellent 24/7 online customer support, made it a popular destination for jobseekers searching for jobs. Mustakbil.com is the first and only jobs portal in Pakistan that offers online customer support for both jobseekers and employers without any difference.

With the passage of time, new features have been introduced for both employers and jobseekers that enhanced their over all experience and making it a complete online recruitment tool. Keeping in mind, the internet connectivity issues in Pakistan, Web 2.0 based redesigned interface of Mustakbil.com was launched on August 25, 2006 to offer faster user experience for its users. Mustakbil.com's development team is working on the continuous improvement of the website and new features are introduced periodically to give users a more enjoyable experience.