MusXpand is the Next Step in the Music Business.

Founded in March 2011 in Vancouver BC, Canada, and officially launched in December 2011, MusXpand is building a community of fans and artists, based on true fanship and a win-win strategy for all parts. MusXpand offers to the fans 1-year and 5-years+ subscriptions to the artists, that enables them to enjoy a complete multimedia experience never seen before.

MusXpand's mission is to offer an legal and functioning alternative to piracy and counter the decline of the Music Business, so that the artists can try and make a living from their Art. Although the initial focus was made on music artists, we strive to serve and bring success to any artist who can offer their work in a digital form: painters, drawers, writers, photographers...

Registration is free for fans and artists. In order to help independent and new artists to promote and sell, there are no entry fees for them to publish on MusXpand. We take a very low commission on subscriptions, to help maintain and develop our business.