M-Way Solutions GmbH develops software products and mobile solutions for medium-sized and large companies. Our primary goal is to make processes and employees more efficient using mobile solutions. The company, based in Stuttgart, was established in 2004 and has two additional branches in Ulm and Kosice, Slovakia. Today, M-Way Solutions serves a variety of companies from various areas of the manufacturing industry with an integrated product range in the area of enterprise mobility. The company uses a broad-based technology approach to get results in times of heterogeneous technologies and systems, and to link proven technologies with innovations.

Increasingly rapid developments in the area of enterprise mobility give companies new opportunities and challenges to raise productivity. Using mobility solutions, many corporate divisions can be optimized, giving the company a great competitive advantage.

As a leading provider of mobile and multi-channel applications, M-Way Solutions enables companies to mobilize quickly. At the core of this mobilization lies the mCAP mobility platform, which allows for the installation, development, distribution, and management of all types of mobile applications. As a result, companies can provide every employee with their individual and use-oriented apps in a safe, simple way–regardless of the device type or operating system.

M-Way Solutions focuses on two core areas: enterprise mobility and connected services/automotive. In both sectors, M-Way Solutions provides lasting, high-quality software products and solutions with the aim of quickly and easily enabling companies to implement and experience mobility solutions.