The story of Miami Web Geeks started more than 20 years ago with the Big Kahuna (Lorne Shantz) providing a local bicycle shop with a computerized point of sale system. After working with hundreds of clients across the USA and Canada (as well as the Caribbean), Miami Web Geeks has the business and marketing savvy to help our clients achieve their digital marketing goals!

We operate based on 3 important values aimed at making your experience with us the best possible.

Have Fun!  We know that business is so competitive, so challenging and so serious. You have a lot riding on your success and we understand that (we have the same considerations). But we also know that it is important to enjoy what you do and ensure that our clients enjoy working with us. Therefore, at Miami Web Geeks we strive to make our relationship with customers, staff and partners fun for everyone.

Make It Easy!  Today's web technology can be confusing for many business owners and managers. But through our experience and passion we have learned how to make it easy to understand what we creating for you, make it easy to work with us and make it easy to achieve the results you are looking for.

Make It Profitable For Our Customers!  We never lose sight of the fact that you are investing in digital marketing with profitability in mind. How you define profits may differ from the next organization but failing to achieve your goals means failing to do our job. We start every project by defining what the expected outcomes should be and creating a plan to achieve them. Miami Web Geeks has a long history of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Our services include: Website Design, E-Commerce Solutions, Digital Marketing Services / Internet Marketing (PPC, SEO, Social, Video, PR), Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development, IT and Business Consulting.

We service clients in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit Michigan as well as across Canada, United States and the Caribbean.

For information about our services contact us at (519) 489-7054.