About MWL Consulting Inc.


MWL Consultants is an Internet Relations/ Web Management company. We specialize in getting your story and Press Releases in front of our vast network and affiliates. Do not confuse us with Investor Relations who take exorbitant sums and basically do nothing. Our services are geared to reach investors with your company's story. In short, we will aid and assist you in profiling your companies story and Press Releases to the investment public.
Our team of Internet Marketers carry well over 15 years in the business, right along side of the Google Boys.

Experience you can Count On.
Increasingly, innovative companies are recognizing the value of outsourcing their marketing gameplans to certified professionals. Investor relations companies aren't qualified to conquor the Internet. If they are, they usually out source the work to companies such as ourselves. Internet Relations does not happen overnight, it is a time consuming uniquely calculated marketing structure which includes heavy back end programming and a high level of understanding the SERP's ( Search engine rank pages).
In today's markets, 90% of all potential Investors are going to do their own due diligence of a company they will invest in, from their computers. Thats right!
90%! You can have Ivy league graduates write your Press Releases, but who will see them? Internet marketing for Internet Relations is the Key to Success.

A well executed Investor relations Internet campaign is getting information to potential investors who are willing to get behind your company based on information which you supply. MWL Consultants/ Viseon Consultants provides affordable and basic programs for small cap companies. We have a number of affiliate websites with opted-in email addresses who want to hear about news relating to up and coming companies and are willing to invest in them. We have found that in more cases than not, a company puts out  press releases and it basically goes nowhere and this is due to the fact that nobody knows its there. So in effect, a well intended PR is useless.
The internet has revolutionized the IR industry and MWL Consultants/ Viseon Consulting  takes full advantage of the many tools now available. We utilize Push-Pull technologies, such as Email Alerts, Interactive PR's, Social Media and effective IR Website analysis.

In closing, we will provide to you access to our complete database of investors and put your PR,s and story in front of investors who are always looking for a good Investment  story.