As a HR Practitioner or a Training Manager, you constantly struggle with the line managers as they air their challenges and frustration about their workforce. We all agree that learning and development of our workforce is the key to performance and results. And so, what do we do when the workforce is not running optimally? First we need to understand that workforce inefficiency derives mostly from 3 main areas:

attitude: lack of motivation
skills: lack of competencies
knowledge: lack of information

Do you have what it takes?
Today, organization needs to take accountability and responsibility to ensure that the workforce is ready to be empowered. Organizations must work on the leadership of their line managers to ensure that the vision, mission and goals of the organizations are cascaded down to the whole workforce.

HR practitioners must not be solely held accountable. Line managers need to take proactive steps for their own workforce learning and development. HR Practitioners and Line Managers must work hand in hand. MWS is crafted especially to engage the HR Practitioners, the line managers and the whole workforce to take full accountability for their learning, actions and inactions.

MWS Licensing Option is a radical and innovative approach to workforce training. With the MWS Licensing Options, organizations can now leverage their Line Managers to train the entire workforce. The Line Managers will be trained to train with the MWS Licensed Trainer Certification; and coupled with the MWS Trainers Kit, the Line Managers will have a comprehensive tool to effectively conduct the workshops for the workforce. The MWS workshops are specifically designed for 4 hours packed with tips, tools and techniques. This 4-hour format makes it easier for Line Managers to train.

The benefits of implementing the MWS Licensing Option goes beyond conventional training. Since your Line Managers are the ones advocating the competencies and learning, they too become totally committed and pressured to walk their talk. They would not only be encouraging their staff to take the  learning from workshop to workplace, but requiring by setting a leadership example. Inadvertently, they will be inculcating a common competency language across the organization. The organization will create an unsurpassed momentum for learning and growth. Your workforce will be even more efficient, motivated and knowledgeable.

Designed specifically for progressive organizations. We appreciate that not all organizations are progressive by nature. We know that not all organizations are suited to implement the MWS Licensing Options. We understand that not all organizations empowers their own leaders. We know that not all organizations are designed to be in forefront of innovation. But if you believe that you are with an organization that sets the pace for change, or aspires to be innovative, or is progressive by nature – then MWS is for you.