The My911 Mission is to provide worldwide pre and post GPS enabled services. My911 brings superior cost effective personal safety, security and incident services directly to your cell phone. The My911 platform is hardware agnostic supporting almost ALL SMART PHONES (BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone platforms) and a large percentage of Non Smartphones. My911 provides lifesaving communications technology that allows users to get help from just about all locations around the globe. Using cutting edge technology, My911 is able to offer people unmatched peace of mind that they as well as their loved ones have immediate help, risk or danger notifications and emergency services no matter their location. With the My911 patented processes, My911 can comfortably say it is the "eMobile" solution supporting your well-being in any situation.

Whether you are camping, hiking, riding your bicycle, driving your motorcycle or driving in your car, My911 offers you a full featured versatile solution for your smartphone or standard cell phone.

No matter the emergency, My911 instantaneously triggers an emergency response call conveying your exact location and other critical information to emergency personnel. My911’s comprehensive service also provides the following features:
* Accident and Impact Management (patent pending)
* Airbag Deployment management (patent pending)
* On-board Vehicle Diagnostics (OBD)
* High Crime Area Alerts
* International and National SOS
* Cyber Alert Notification Management
* Personal Location Notification
* Homeland and Travel Status Notification
* Traffic Alerts
* Auto Assistance
* Weather Alert
* Extensive Online Tracking Management Portal:
  Including: Geo-Fencing, Trip Reporting, Speed Reporting, Incident Tracking and Reporting
* Corporate Solutions and White Label versions