Hello, I’m Philippe Schell (“Philvegetarian”) the creator of the blog www.my-vegetarianrecipes.com      -     "Simply Veglicious"

I was born in Africa to a French family and I have spent most of my life living between the three continents of Africa, Europe and South America.

After growing up in Africa, I moved to Bordeaux where I developed my enthusiasm for flavours, aromas and perfumes thanks to the environment of famous vineyards and great wines. This atmosphere lead me to Mendoza (Argentina), where I write you from, to participate in the Malbec boom.

I first published a vegetarian recipe blog in French, Le Gourmet Végétarien, and some american friends of mine said it would be a good idea to create a twin sister in English.

I’m very excited to be here with you because, since I was a child, I’ve been in love with American culture.  I love Jazz (I was lucky enough to attend concerts of such great artists as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Ray Brown, Charlie Mingus, Randy Weston, etc.) which inspired me later to study the double bass. I’ve also played Folk/Blues guitar for a long time (influenced by people like Reverend Gary Davis, Doc Watson, Jorma Kaukonen, John Mayall, etc.) …

I’m cinephile as well: an admirer of American directors like Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch, Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese …

I have also been deeply influenced by Asian cultures (I’m a zen practitioner and I studied  Martial Arts for “some” years).  I do not feel locked into a particular culture!  During my adolescence, I was impressed by the energy of my first Karate-Do master despite his small size.  I was surprised when I found out he was a vegetarian!  Vegetarianism has been close to me since then, I eventually adopted it many years ago.  This food does me very well!

You can find « My 7 reasons for becoming a vegetarian »
that have to do with ethics, with the pleasures of this gastronomy, with the health benefits and with the care of our planet … a lot of good reasons in my opinion!

I didn’t go to cooking school, I graduated in law and accounting. Meanwhile I taught myself (and with passion) about music, photography, astronomy and … gastronomy !

As I’ve never been satisfied with the misunderstanding that “vegetarian food” is bland and boring, I began when I was much younger to gather all the vegetarian recipes across various cultures that made me “salivate”.  For each I bring a personal touch when I cook, and you should feel free to make them yours.

I feel really grateful to life and it’s my aim to share these “simply veglicious” recipes. I hope you love them as much as I do.

You’ll be able to “practice in the kitchen”, to bring happiness to your loved ones while working on your health (however, if you have any doubt about your health, I don’t pretend to be a doctor : please, check with him/her about what you can eat or not, what you can do or not!) .

Together, beyond vegetarian gastronomy, let’s take part in respecting the rights of all living beings in order to sustain the harmonious and non violent development of all species on this beautiful planet Earth!

Enjoy your visit to « My-vegetarianrecipes.com », your comments will always be welcome !