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Regarding my 4 Day Work Week Program:

Before becoming a full-time writer I changed my work schedule.

I started working 4 ten hour days and took off Friday to create long weekends.

Basically, I took the Tim Ferriss concept (4 hour workweek) and flipped it.

This 4 day work week strategy was critical to my wealth creation!

It allowed me to refocus and start getting writing assignments that have totally changed my lifestyle.

When I explained how I was able to 'free myself' from a job that I didn't like and increase my income friends said "You should write a book."

So I did.

Now you will discover the steps I was able to take in order to create enough income to quit my full-time job and experience true freedom and happiness.

The 4 Day Work Week: How to Compress Your Work Week and Enjoy Your Life More! Regain Control of Your Life and Start Living Again!

If the 4 hour work week is beyond your grasp consider my 4 day work week.

Adding an additional day to your weekend can free up a remarkable amount of time to do all kinds of things:

- Weekend getaways
- Focus on your health
- Create new income streams
- Spend more time with your family

Now you can discover the benefits of an additional 24 hours and how to convince your boss to let you try it.

What you discover here will give you a whole new lease on life!

This audiobook originally sold for $19.95 all by itself.

But now it's yours as part of my offer.