Unlike national coupon sites, My Saint Augustine Circle is locally run and promoted. Live locally and save with mySAcircle.com. We are the First City’s first savings site of its kind.

mySAcircle.com is a consumer and merchant circle, promoting local saving and local business growth.  Remove the guess work from your advertising budget. . Get simple and quick deployment of your campaigns. You can schedule your first campaign in less that an hour and see results the day it is offered. We send you a check with payment for total sales in one lump sum.

MySAcircle.com has partnered with PayPal, the largest on line merchant services company. This provides you and your customers with the highest level of protection from online fraud, and guarantees an easy transaction.
mySAcircle.com offers local merchants Performance Based Advertising - you are charged only for advertising that produces a paying customer. MySAcircle.com = a risk free marketing solution.

Unlike other sites, we limit our scope to the local market and believe that a strong loyal customer base will benefit the community.  mySAcircle.com members are ideal for local merchant advertising.