Are you tired of your makeup (including your lip color) always coming off before you are finished for the day?  SeneGence International's Long Lasting and Anti-Aging Skincare and Cosmetics will last as long as you do and will stay on through all of your activities!  These products are perfect for the busy professional woman, the competitive dancer/performer and of course multi-tasking moms!  

All of our products contain our patented, anti-aging skin care formula so you get an amazing skin treatment 24 hours a day - guaranteed!  Personalized color consultations and group parties available by appointment.  Shipping across the US.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
No Lead
No Animal Testing
No Animal By-Products
Naturally recurring ingredients
No individual, external packaging
Highly concentrated formulas for greater value

All SeneGence product formulas are proudly  made in the USA adhering to FDA regulations in cGMP compliant facilities.