Here at My Body Contour, we offer the most advanced lymphatic post-op massage, post-surgical care, post-op, body contouring, fat reduction, skin tightening treatments and weight loss services available in the nation. Not only do we strive for the best results, quality service and a calming atmosphere where, you can relax. You'll lose weight, contour your body, tighten your skin and feel absolutely no pain at all. The treatments feel like a hot stone massage!
In addition to being the only post-op care business that shows immediate results, My Body Contour has teamed up with the most experienced plastic surgeons in the business to offer plastic surgery garments designed to assist in the reduction of water retention and aid the healing process. This revolutionary garment helps contour the body back into the intended shape of the plastic surgeon. Simply, without this garment, the results would not be as great.
My Body Contour post-surgical care products can be found at www.YourBodyContour.com along with detox tea, detox coffee waist trainers, waist clinchers, post plastic surgery compression garments and more.
For company information, their official website is www.mybodycontour.biz