Storage Pick Up and Delivery Services:

Our mission is to provide a modern, different and low cost mail, self-storage service with a twist, while warranting our customers’ necessities. How does it work? It’s simple.

You order as many boxes as you need online, via our app or by phone.
Fill our boxes up with your goods (small to large goods)
Schedule a pick-up so they can be securely stored by us.
On request, My Box Valet drops them back off–within 24 hours. Our app lets our customers upload pictures of their boxes and contents in order to keep track of individual items.

Plastic Moving Box Rentals:

Say Bye-bye to Cardboard Moving Boxes, Packing Tape and Lost Time!

Needing to make your move EASIER? Rent plastic moving boxes from us today.

Order your Boxes online, via our app or by phone
We Drop them off FOR FREE
You pack + move
We Pick Them Up FOR FREE