MyBudget specialises in helping people get on top of their finances. No financial predicament is too big or too small for us to help with. No matter how bad you think your situation is, we’ve almost certainly helped with worse cases. Everything we do at MyBudget revolves around helping people achieve their financial goals. We can eliminate the stress of your financial situation right now—in most cases without you needing to go into further debt. How it works… We find out everything we can about your situation. We analyse your income, your debts (including the cash you borrowed from grandma!) and your expenses. We look at which bills are most urgent, which are attracting the most interest and which are of a lower priority. Using this information, MyBudget creates a complete working budget and long-term financial plan for you or your household. This service is absolutely free. There is no cost to you and absolutely no obligation for you to proceed. You might be thinking, “A budget—I can do that myself.” Or perhaps you’ve tried budgeting in the past and it didn’t work. Here’s the reason people often fail when it comes to budgeting: Money management concepts are easy to understand, but difficult to put into practice. It’s one thing to create a budget; it’s another thing to stick to it. The challenge is made even harder when you’re under financial pressure. MyBudget clients experience incredible levels of success because MyBudget does the heavy lifting for them. We can usually turn your financial situation around more quickly than you could on your own because we manage your budget on your behalf. We think of it as a partnership. After helping you to create a budget that achieves your goals, we help you to stay on target. Your wages get paid directly into an account MyBudget creates for you. Your living expenses are transferred to your private bank account for you to access as you need them. As your bills arrive you forward them to us and we pay them on your behalf. We will also make loan repayments for you, whether they’re for debts such as credit cards and personal loans or payments to family members and friends. In 2011 we managed over 1.5 million payments and $250 million in salaries on our clients' behalf.