Auto Selling Success is an online distance learning platform designed to train women of all backgrounds for a career in the Automotive industry.

I have spent my life working and advocating for women and individuals in need. This is my way of empowering those less fortunate with the opportunity to gain financial freedom and self-respect through employment. I am sharing my skills, knowledge and experience to put women to work in the car business.

We are solving a problem no other sales/job training program approaches in this manner for this industry. The level of expertise, commitment and background our team possesses is matched only by our student's desire to succeed. By using the latest technology in blended, distance online learning, social media and community driven messaging, our company is changing the perception of the industry and speeding-up the process from hire to professional fulfillment.

Each of our team members brings a wealth of personal and professional expertise, experience, networking and management capital. Our unique strengths and diverse backgrounds blend and balance the direction of the company, creating an exciting dynamic that drives us to pursue this mission to fruition. The marketplace is anxious for us to deliver this program as quickly as possible.