My Chocolate Rehab (a division of Dreamworks Designs, Inc.) was developed out of a love for chocolate. Evolving from our I Like Furniture.com business it seemed a natural (and logical of course) progression simply because what other activity goes better with lounging on furniture than eating chocolate? It became an all consuming passion to provide chocolate lovers with an immense variety of gourmet-quality, superbly packaged chocolate at affordable prices. Our chocolates have become a favorite and are so delicious, people contact us over and over to order more! My Chocolate Rehab is dedicated to selling only the finest selection of gourmet chocolates and gifts for you to buy from the world's best chocolate makers. All of our chocolate uses the finest quality cocoa beans, gathered and imported from many continents and selected for consistently superior flavor.

Our chocolate literally melts on your tongue and creates a rich, depth of flavor. Quality chocolate possesses all the complexity like a fine wine or coffee, and we are committed to making sure these qualities are in each and every one of our chocolate products. Few things are more satisfying than chocolate.

Close your eyes and imagine chocolate. Chocolate can warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Chocolate is enjoyed by most people and many openly characterize themselves chocoholics. There is no other food so saddled with meaning, mystery, or so rich in history and intrigue than chocolate. We take tremendous pride in our products; we love our chocolate and we love our business because we know the joy of eating delicious chocolate and hope everyone will also be able to experience the same satisfaction. Today, we appreciate chocolate not only for its rich history and wonderful flavors and textures, but increasingly for the way it makes us feel - both mentally and physically. Chocolate is our love and our passion. And we feel a day without chocolate is a day without sunshine!

Unlike brick and mortar retail stores that are limited by floor space, My Chocolate Rehab has endless space where you can shop 24 hours a day in our virtual home. This allows you to shop as long as you want, get all of your questions answered, and not be pressured by sales people just trying to make a commission.

What does all of this mean to you?

High-Quality Products
Great Customer Service (Just like we want to be treated)
Very Easy to use our Checkout System (Only if you can push a couple of buttons)
Absolutely Low Prices (We work hard to find and pass on the very best prices)
Fast Shipping (We don't mess around)
Reliability (We stand behind everything we sell)

We take a lot of pride in our 12 Steps to My Chocolate Rehab Program. We realize no one ever said it is easy to go it alone in breaking away from the habit of eating boring and tasteless foods. Finally, though there is help. We feel a human responsibility, one which we do not take lightly, and offer our total commitment to your Chocolate Rehabilitation. Each one of us at "My Chocolate Rehab" cares deeply and has made a personal commitment to help you rehabilitate your taste buds. We promise to do our absolute best by making you aware of the finer tasting things in life...the decadent chocolate you have so desperately missed and craved. We are firm believers it is never too late! Yes, we are here to rescue you and one day you will thank us...although we do not seek anything more than your ongoing and continued gratification to the mouth-watering delights we offer. Our goal is simply for you to be able to eventually and proudly tell everyone you made the sacrifice and paid the price (but realize it doesn't happen overnight). It is so very important for them to know it could have never been achieved without your continued perseverance and 100% dedication to fill your body with as much chocolate as possible. Some day you will look in the mirror and thank yourself for your never-ending drive to complete "My Chocolate Rehab." We too will be so proud. There is nothing more to say other than every rehabilitative success story brings tears of joy and happiness to our eyes. Now we are not saying that Chocolate has therapeutic healing powers...but sometimes it sure seems like it!

We will never forget that you have a choice! After all, you are now part of our family! And no one wants to lose one of their family!