As smart security systems and camera-enabled doorbells become as ubiquitous as smartphones, Southern California based tech startup MyCivicEye believes it’s time we harness the collective power of surveillance cameras in our neighborhoods to fight crime together and vigilantly keep watch.

After a crime such as package theft occurs, collecting surveillance footage from neighbors that may show the perpetrator is key to helping law enforcement solve the crime but is often a tedious and time consuming process for police. Building on previous success and expertise in developing user-centered technology platforms for civic engagement, MyCivicEye is applying the latest mobile technology to better connect citizens with local police to drive easier, faster, and smarter collaboration.

MyCivicEye is releasing its first service - a surveillance camera registry for local police departments that allows citizens to voluntarily identify their camera location(s) and willingness to be contacted by police to access their footage in the event of a crime. Importantly, the confidential act of registering does not grant access to private information or footage, but rather informs local detectives they may contact you to request footage if it may help with an investigation.

The goal is for everyone involved to quickly and easily share critical evidence to solve crimes. MyCivicEye founder and Chief Technology Officer TJ Sokoll, whose father was a La Palma, CA reserve police officer says, “Our greater vision is to help bring public safety and civic engagement into the mobile and digital age… these spaces are often the last ones to adopt it, but they need it most because they directly impact our everyday lives and well-being”.

Instead of Big Brother watching us, neighborhoods now have more tools and technology to form a community of surveillance to fight crime together. For citizens who want to learn more about using MyCivicEye to strengthen their neighborhood safety, follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myciviceye

For law enforcement interested in learning more about the product and how to put this offering to use in your community, visit http://myciviceye.com to sign up for a free demo.