Mycoal are sports accessory wholesalers and distributors and the EU distributor for the legendary Mycoal disposable warm packs. With over 25 years of experience in serving retailers Mycoal are the most reliable partner for any independent retailer.

In addition to our hand and foot warmer products we supply a huge range of other useful items for the retail sports sector.

High quality sunscreens designed for winter sports use at higher altitudes from UV Control of France.
The brand new, award winning, Highwayfreak childrens scooter/balance bike.
Specialised ski and board maintenance equipment and tools from Ski Man and Kunzmann.
Braces and laces from the top quality maker Tobby of Austria.
Ecofriendly Ski waxes, waterproof coatings, cycle lubricants from NST.
The most beautiful handmade sleds by Mountain Boy,
plus a whole host of other useful things.

Call or email for our catalogue.