The Business of Color has been involved in the color and design field for over 20 years and serves both the design community and the consumer by providing color consulting services, training and professional mentoring.

Color is a critical component of the built environment, yet it is often dismissed as mere decoration. Color impacts both our physical and emotional well-being and should be a priority within the design of residential, commercial, instituional and public spaces.

Teresa Tullio, author and creator of the ColorIQ Academy presented by The Business of Color has personally consulted on over 5,000 residential and commercial projects across the United States. Through this experience, she has developed a successful and unique business model for the color consultation process which she now teaches throughout the nation.

Keeping up with the ever increasing demand for color specialists, refining color curriculum, advocating certification and standards of excellence for the color/design profession as well as creating innovative color tools and systems for the color industry is top priority for The Business of Color

Teresa Tullio continues to expand the curriculum of the ColorIQ Academy as well personally consult on residential and commercial color projects.

The Business of Color is also the creator of a full-spectrum paint color line as well as Kids Colorplay paint line which will be introduced to the public summer 2012.