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My Computer Warehouse really is the best place to Compare Computer Prices in the UK. Everybody needs a new computer or replacement parts at some time, whether you need to improve the performance of an old desktop machine at home or buy a complete new machine, My Computer Warehouse can help you to save time and money. Whether its to Compare Desktop Computers, Compare Laptop Prices, Compare Tablet Prices and right down to Compare Software Packges we bring together great deals from the best online suppliers for you to compare prices, so that you can choose the best product and deal for you more easily.

If your Desktop PC is beginning to strain a little when you try to run the latest games and applications, it may be time to purchase a new one. Here at My Computer Warehouse, you can find a fantastic range of machines at all different specifications and there is certain to be something to suit your needs and budget. Perhaps you just need a new monitor, things look much better on a nice wide screen monitor, and the blacks in the newer devices are much deeper giving better contrast and easier viewing. If the desktop machine is getting too much, and you are looking for something more portable, or just a machine that takes up less space, you could look at one of the range of laptops and netbooks, which come in at a handbag sized machine right up to a desktop replacement machine with 32" screens. We have price comparisons from the likes of John Lewis, PC World, Currys, Amazon and Dixons to name a few for all your computer needs like Cheap iPad Deals, Cheap Laptop Deals and loads of price comparisons for Apple Macbooks and iMacs.

You can extend the capabilities of your home computing by adding some new peripheral devices. A good scanner, graphics tablet and printer can turn your workstation into a graphics station for less than you might imagine. My Computer Warehouse has a great range of peripherals to improve your experience. Finally, to connect to the outside world, you might want to improve your connectivity, or invest in some external storage so that your creations can be carried round with you. A nice router can improve your connectivity to the internet, and so to the rest of the world. Going wireless makes connecting your machine simpler, and makes the connection less messy, with one less wire per machine. If you prefer to have your information on an external storage device that you can take from machine to machine, you can invest in one of the USB pen drives, or external hard drives. Prices for both have really fallen recently. You can also purchase the cables to connect everything together and a range of external electronic devices such as PDAs and cameras.

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