MyDestination Costa Rica  is part of the MyDestination network. A global web site created in 2006 by two young entrepreneurs, James Street & Neil Waller. MyDestination is focused on providing websites that offer unrivalled levels of local information, actually written by locals. Each site is run by a team on the ground in each destination who have their fingers on the pulse and are providing real time information. The websites combine accurate information on the local area and businesses with the added usability of an online booking engine, offering travellers a one-stop shop where they can research and book their holiday on a single website.    

The websites are fresh and simple in design, with a firm focus on quality and quantity of content. Reviews are always written first-hand and every effort is taken to obtain the best images and information available in order to present a true representation of the services on offer. User-generated content and feedback is also built into the website, building upon content quantity and accuracy; major features of the service we provide. Registered member features such as an interactive trip planner and regular newsletters all help cement the brand relationship with each visitor.

MyDestination continues to go from strength to strength and is always looking for new and exciting destinations to add to the network, so if you would like to join our team and be part of our growing network contact Chuck Chastain at chuck.chastain@mydestination.com