HAI Concepts is the exclusive developer of the brand Mycrobialâ„¢.  This is our star product line incorporating everything from antimicrobial products to nutritional supplements.  We put the "My" in Mycrobial because it represents personalized products for YOU.

HealthCare Associated Infections are an epidemic.  Our goal is to present and promote consumer products which are industry specific.  From experience, we know how complicated the healthcare market and regulatory hurdles can be.  This is why we are promoting a broad range of microbial and antimicrobial related products which span many markets and why we are also asking you, the consumer,  to decide which products may be helpful.

The EPA has strict guidelines about claims made of antimicrobial protected products.  These products cannot present public health claims and must not be considered a substitute for standard infection control practices unless specified by the EPA.

We are asking you to decide, as the consumer, how our products may play a role in todays markets.  Solving problems is what we do...and it excites us.  

If you're always waiting on someone else to address an issue, well; it may never happen.

Thank you,

the mycrobes