MyDiaby Watch – The first connected smartwatch for painless glucose monitoring

MyDiaby Watch™: the needle-free revolution for diabetics is arrived! MyDiaby Watch is the first ever connected smartwatch that painlessly monitors glucose levels without taking blood or using micro-needles. It is now available for pre-order to enhance the daily life of 415 million diabetics in the world.

Geneva (Switzerland), July 18, 2017 – Genetic Healthcare Group S.A. MyDiaby Division, a Swiss company specialized in bio-sensors and bio-wearables, announces the launch of a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo website.

MyDiaby Watch™ can continuously monitor your blood sugar levels through your skin. Now you are free from finger pricking or glucose sensors inserted under the skin. Discover the new non-invasive glucose monitor that helps you take control of your life.

Now you can monitor your glucose levels anytime, anywhere. Are you driving, doing sport, sleeping or anything else? Now MyDiaby Watch™ will monitor blood glucose levels to avoid dangerous situations.

Despite these risks, studies show that 72% of people on treatment do not monitor their diabetes enough and do not measure their blood glucose levels as many times as necessary. Pain, lack of time, difficulties of understanding are as much brake to a good monitoring of the blood sugar.

Your support is the key to project's success. Your funds will go to the production tooling necessary to manufacture the small MyDiaby Sensors™ and final FDA/CE medical certification; while to reduce risk, we are working with an Europe-based product development and manufacturing partner for all the other MyDiaby Watch™ parts.

We have an ambitious dream and ask for your support in improving blood glucose monitoring health services for people and their families. Everything is ready for MyDiaby Watch™ to be launched but we need your help to produce the small MyDiaby Sensors™. After you pledge, you can continue to support this project by spreading the word to anyone who shares our target.

MyDiaby Watch™ is a revolutionary medical device developed and produced by Genetic Healthcare Group S.A.

MyDiaby Watch™ is a technology-driven global division built on entrepreneurial innovation, integrity and teamwork. Our dynamic and visionary team includes scientists, engineers and designers with proven experiences in wearable sensors, nanotechnology, thermoelectric technology and device design.

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