MyEdu transforms the way where schools can engage parents about their child’s educational progress and activities in the school. It is an educational communication software, which is an innovative answer to the communication challenge that exists among the trio of students, schools and parents.
We provide a free web portal that facilitates real-time information of the student’s activities and progress to the parents. The parents or guardians can access this information on their email or from the free EDU app installed on their iPhone or Android smartphone. It also facilities real-time chat and a form platform, which helps in collaborating with teachers, and makes it possible to interact with them for improving the child’s performance in education. This induces a sense of responsibility and participation in the parents which results in an enhanced learning environment for the student.  
Some of the powerful functionalities of MyEdu are:
Tracking: Real-time information about the student’s attendance, time-table and more. Parents receive personalized notifications about their child’s commute to and from the school.  
Performance: Parents can stay instantly updated about the student’s schedule of the upcoming exams, score in the exams and progress report.  
Announcements: Schools can send notifications to parents regrading latest announcements such as any urgent update, change in schedule and more.
Collaboration:Engaging communication between parents and teachers to share suggestions, feedback and get answers to specific questions about their child’s progress.    
Our advanced educational web portal enables the school to easily manage a large database of students and facilitate personalized communication with parents. We have designed the web portal and the mobile application for ease of use to the teachers and parents.  
With MyEdu, schools can be assured that their information is protected with the highest data security standards. We provide complete assistance, on-site and online, to help the school to use the solution and resolve any queries. The online portal and the supporting mobile application are completely free of cost. There is no charge for availing the support services.