My Football Facts & Stats Website and Mobile App is a  leading online source of football stats and facts, football trivia and answers, football results,  football analysis and football history from the first FA Cup matches in 1871-72 to today‚Äôs football results including the 2014 FIFA World Cup & 2013-14 Premier League and All-Time statistics & records. MFF was founded in April, 2009 out of the passion of Paul Yarden an avid football fan whose expertise and knowledge of football was in strong demand on football forums and other social media. Paul had initially compiled decades of data on Tottenham Hotspur, which expanded into other competitions until the decision was made to publish the data in a new, dedicated site which would encompass the entire history of World Football. My Football Facts & Stats has been selected by 'The Guardian' newspaper as one of the top 100 football sites to follow. "Statistics, trivia, history and analysis that will make you lose hours as if they were minutes".

My Football Facts & Stats features 26 basic categories each one containing detailed information and statistics about the featured subject. The home page shows the scope of the site together with selected highlights which are seasonally adjusted according to current competitions. My Football Facts & Stats has over 16,000 indexed pages on Google. One of the most popular pages is the Question of the Day, which is featured on the Homepage. The newest category is Premier League Clubs focusing on each teams specific match records, squad numbers, goal scorers, club appearances and Player of the Year awards.