New to the UK, has already stormed America and Canada, has just hit Germany, been in the UK for 14 weeks, jump on board before the wave hits.

The Product - No-one will refuse this - for all online shoppers, they simply install a FREE app. onto their web browser, everytime they shop online the can save up to 70% on over 250 million products not from once price comparisson site but the whole Web in just a few clicks.

You simply purchase a re-distribution license and you can start giving them away. It is so easy to start earning pure profit. Within 6 days I had covered all my expenses and now I am in residual profit, it's fantastic.

The aim of the company is to have this app installed on every computer around the globe - the potential is huge. The internet gets 3.1 billion hits per day with 10% of those in 2009 shopping online by 2014 it is predicted that this will rise to 40%. 65% of people go online to compare prices and the app is clicked on average 88 times per month per user, this app presently gets used 220,000 times every day, unlike other MLM companies each member has given away a minimum of 50 apps. Our app is built on a Microsoft platform and we ride on Google, , Google had over $23.65 billion in Gross Revenue last year, 1 in every 5 searches is a paid search! They get about 35cents per click and share that with whoever drove the traffic. Our click income comes from here. There are between 50 and 200 million apps installed everyday, this is predicted to rise by 92%. IS YOUR BRAIN REGISTERING THE POTENTIAL YET? This does not include the purchase commissions you get either!!

What you earn - You earn a percentage of the companies pay-per-click revenue every month, you earn a % commission on purchases made from software you have given away, you can further enhance your earnings by enrolling your own team to work for you and you will earn commission on their earnings too. You are given FREE websites, banners and advertising material is made available, full support and assistance from your upline to help you motivate both yourself and your downline. Christmas is looming and spending online is getting higher each and every year.

No matter where you are in the TREE, you can earn unlimited amounts of money, this is not a system where the fat cats at the top are the only earners as there are cut-off points to ensure it is fair for all. Just push your side and you can overtake those above you who have not yet grasped the potential.

For further details visit www.jointhegenie.com and have a good look at all the info.

There are currently FREE seminars being held across the UK in August - if you would like to attend one to find out more e-mail me info@myfreeshoppinggenie.co.uk asking for detail of the dates, times and venues.

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