MyGuru LLC is a Chicago-based 1-1 & small group tutoring and test prep company founded by graduate school students at Northwestern University.  Our goal is to build a brand known locally for effectiveness and affordability.  We are very selective in who we recruit, focusing on tutors with:

Exceptional academic backgrounds  - students or graduates of top 100 schools in the U.S. (according to US News and World Report rankings) is used as a minimum standard

Graduate degrees completed or in process

Minimum of 2 years of experience actually tutoring or teaching

Experience with national test prep firms

Multiple references

State teaching certification

We occupy a unique “niche” between hiring an individual tutor and working with a high priced tutoring or test prep agency.  Our tutors stack up very favorably against the most successful test prep companies in the world, yet our prices are closer to those of an individual tutor.  Our test prep packages combine simple, freely available and low priced test prep materials with our expert tutors to create simple yet powerful customized tutoring.  Tutoring occurs in the home or in local libraries or coffee shops.

We currently serve high school through graduate school students in Chicago and all of its suburbs, and are selectively branching off into additional cities.

We offer a money-back guarantee and donate 5% of profits to charity.