Here at Idea School, you can access classroom trainings, online seminars, books, ebooks, merchandise as well as participate in our advocacy events. Your participation is your contribution to communities we support.

You learn, we give.

We tap only the best speakers, authors and advocates in the industry. We will evolve into different learning themes, passion and pursuits. We want to reach out to more OFWs and Pinoys worldwide who deserve nothing but affordable and quality education.


Our mission is simple: Learn and let others live. #YouLearnWeGive

Idea School is founded on the thrust that anyone can access quality education and learning resources wherever you are in this part of the globe. We believe that learning is a lifetime habit, and we want to be part of your nurture camp.

"Events to Advocacy" is our battlecry. We organize events, sell learning tools and merchandise to support communities in need of help. You learn, we give