At Myjewelleryweb we take jewellery seriously, we take our customers seriously. Yet our philosophy also allows us to enjoy the process of selling jewellery, and hope our customers enjoy it too.
From the most simple ring or earring set, we take care to ensure we have chosen what we believe the best for our customers. We try to offer the best combination of quality, style and value in our jewellery as is possible.
We are still very young and finding our way and learning the hard way how to run an internet business, but we are seeing our perseverance paying off.
We offer a wide range of designer gold jewellery, and are very proud to offer the very stylish Italian Orsini range of exquisite and delightful designs.
We also specialise in wedding and engagement rings with ranges from Coriolan and La Rosa, who offer an outstanding and beautiful catalogue.
We hope you take the time to look at our site and are looking forward to dealing with you.