The Go-Anywhere Shower Caddie

Hook It!
Use It!
Store It!

Carry and organize all your shower needs in the convenient and stylish My Lanny.

It holds all your essentials, including shampoo, body wash, razor and much more, inside individual mesh bags that can be customized to a flexible lanyard that hangs your toiletries within arms reach.

Waterproof Plastic Mesh Bags are provided in three sizes and will fit most shower accessories. Mesh Bags are heat-sealed at the bottom and have an elastic top to securely hold your shower products. The Mesh Bags are individually attached to the Lanyard with Mini-Lanyards, up to 12 products can hang from the main Lanyard.

The MyLanny Soap Box features a convenient ring at the top allowing it to hang for quick and mess-free use. MyLanny Soap Box increases soap life with drainage holes at the bottom, draining water away from the soap. For the minimalist who uses only a bar of soap, the MyLanny Soap Box comes with its own mini lanyard as a stand alone reward.

My Lanny stores in a nylon tote bag for easy transport and storage inside gym bags or hanging up inside dorm rooms.

For the Gym, Dorm or People on the Go!

When it's time to hit the shower, My Lanny is the best caddie to take with you!