My Little Red Haus is a unique art studio located in historic Old Montgomery, in Cincinnati.  We are focused on challenging the mind, encouraging creativity, building enthusiasm for and enhancing artistic talents.  In our unique and nurturing environment, our programs are designed to spur the imagination, challenge inventiveness, and develop creative talents - which will foster a life-long appreciation for beauty and art.

Our Studios

Students can work independently at Open Studio on the first floor.  Interact with others, share ideas, and have fun as instructors offer encouragement and inspiration.

In the 2nd Floor Studio, you can learn something new!  Instructional workshops conducted by various local artists are themed sessions where students work to complete specific projects.  Because art can be beautiful AND functional, generally students will leave with a finished piece which can be displayed and used at home.  

Getting an early start in the arts plays a major role in academic and social development including:  
Cognitive ability
Creative ability
Problem solving
Fine motor skills
Social skills
Sense of time and place
Ability to following direction and anticipate
Focusing and listening
Risk taking
Tolerance and acceptance
Uniqueness and sense of accomplishment

Budgets for the arts are often the first to get reduced, yet we know that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education.  Increasingly, understanding and appreciating other cultures is essential to be successful in today‚Äôs global economy.  
At My Little Red Haus, you will be exposed to new thinking, learn about art and culture...and have fun interacting with others.