Our services are addressed to companies that need fast and high quality solutions for PLD/FPGA based projects. In addition to developing custom digital logic solutions, Mylium also develops IP cores and provides IP integration services. We have extensive experience in designing embedded systems including ones based on Xilinx Microblazeâ„¢, TSK3000, LatticeMico32 and other soft-processors.

FPGA design services:

   -Specification and Test plan
   -PLD/FPGA selection
   -HDL coding (RTL)
   -Simulation (Testbenches, Critical Cases)
   -Project management
   -System on Chip (SoC) designs
   -Low-level programming (device drivers for custom modules/systems)
   -Operating systems for SoCs

Areas of Expertise:

   -Image processing/graphics for embedded systems
   -Data encryption/decryption on-the-fly
   -High speed interfacing with custom devices/sensors
   -Soft-processors based systems (Xilinx Microblazeâ„¢,TSK3000)
   -Network communication, packet processing
   -Low-latency systems
   -R&D of new products in cooperation with partner companies

We offer a possibility to hire a highly skilled specialist for a fixed period of time - no matter if it's for a few hours or weeks. The consultant can work remotely via Internet or as a physical member of your team.

   Main advantages:
   -Focus on core activities,
   -Cost and efficiency savings,
   -Reduced overhead,
   -Operational control,
   -Easy and fast access to highly skilled specialists in this area.