My monthly menu is an aid with your meal planning. It can reduce stress, improve your time management and delivers savings.  It is not all about the recipes more about your monthly food ideas planned out for you. So if you are dairy free or gluten-free, you can replace the relevant ingredients in the recipes provided to meet your requirements.  Your monthly planner is prepared for you, all you have to do is order the food products.
Every month you will be able to get access to a monthly menu.  Each menu consists of a main meal and desert for every day of the month. An example of one week is shown below.  You will receive the recipes, for each meal. You can reduce the ingredients so the meals are suitable for two people or double the ingredients so the recipes are suitable for more .  This will give you the choice to cook for one day or to cook more for lunch the next day or freeze where is appropriate.
One dinner party menu will also be provided. This will contain a starter, main meal and desert.
A shopping list for each week will also be included.