My Muse is a socially-minded children’s company that designs and distributes customizable 18-inch multicultural fashion dolls. Founded by four Black women trained as engineers, the company creates Muse Dolls for today's modern girl that aim to inspire journeys along traditionally intimidating career paths while celebrating and validating multicultural beauty and fashion realities. Guided by the vision, "For every girl to see her beauty, for every girl to seize her dream™",My Muse Dolls are accompanied by childhood personas that exemplify, encourage, and aim to normalize high academic, person, and profession achievement by women and girls around the world.  Muse Dolls serve as a product vehicle for customers to act as social change agents. As such, My Muse invests a portion of this "girl-powered" revenue into a social portfolio that supports charitable initiatives with partner organizations dedicated to advancing the agenda of and maximizing potential within girls worldwide.