About MyNetwork:

MyNetwork is a premier personal network management tool for students, professionals, and anyone who has a network of connections. MyNetwork provides complete Personal Relationship Management (PRM) technology designed by networking pros to ensure you maximize your chances of advancing your career, and your life. Our application will supplement your LinkedIn experience by allowing you to manage the contacts from all your social networks and e-mail accounts in one place.

MyNetwork Philosophy:

People are your #1 asset. Your personal and professional success, defined however you like, is driven not by what you know, but by who you know.

We’re building MyNetwork to simplify the exhaustive process of managing your complex networks of friends, family, and professional contacts. We designed MyNetwork to intelligently add context and depth to your contacts, bringing them to life so you can engage with your connections and build powerful relationships that can help in all aspects of life. With MyNetwork, you’ll always say the right thing at the right time to the people that count. Because MyNetwork is yours.