What is an Online Media Player ??

” It is a consumer product that combines a hard drive enclosed with hardware and software for playing audio, video and photos through a home entertainment system, with an additional function of streaming movies, shows or dramas through the home internet broadband network. “

We are a 24 year-old company registered and established in Singapore since 1987, and deals with all kinds of media players in the market. May it be a storage media player to an online streaming media player, we have a variety of products to cater for your needs.

Having served more than 5,000,000 customers, we maintain the best quality service in terms of market product knowledge and friendly customer service.

Why should you watch online movies instead of going to the theatres?

First of all, it’s free. There are no Video On Demand (VOD) charges per movie or show.

You save $7 or more per movie watched, and you can watch it again and again and again.

There are more than 18,000 movies and 3,000 shows and dramas up to the latest seasons and episodes. These include English, Chinese, Malay, Indian movies and dramas.

There are no time restriction as to when to watch your favourite movies or shows. May it be 4pm, or even 2am, you can watch it anytime. There’s no need for you to rush home to catch the latest drama episode on TV.

You can pause and play at your own disposal if you feel the need to leave and take a leak.

Hencefore, we have launched a new product in Singapore, called AsiaBox.

AsiaBox  gives you Video on Demand access to thousands of movies and TV series from around the world. Asian TV drama and movies are fully searchable by category, country, year of release, genre, etc. You can also search by the first initial characters of the Chinese title of the video in PinYin or by typing the full title in Chinese using PinYin. Unlike using programs such as PPS.tv on your PC, the menu can be viewed in Chinese or English. All movies and TV series played back in their original soundtrack and generally have Chinese subtitles. For selected TV series, you can choose either a Chinese or Cantonese soundtrack. When you select a movie or TV series, you will be shown a summary and a synopsis in Chinese only. For TV series, you can choose the play a specific episode.

Powered by Sigma Designs CPU, the AsiaBox delivers high quality and detail picture on your FUll HD LCD or Plasma TV. Supporting up to 1080p with 24Hz frame rate, enjoy your favourite blu-ray quality video and sound on your home theater system.

AsiaBox is powered by Syabas software, and they are known for strong firmware support, protecting your investment by receiving free updates to your AsiaBox with the latest video file support.

With AsiaLive VOD, you can forward and rewind just like a real video player. Click on “Info” button on the remote control and use the D-pad to select the “Clock” icon. Click “Enter” on the remote and you can fast forward or rewind to any point in the movie.

While most movie titles will play with a stereo soundtrack, selected Bluray and high definition titles can output Dolby Prologic Surround to a surround amplifier. You can access this via the “Optical” TOSLink output at the back of the AsiaBox unit.

To exit AsiaLive VOD or any other Apps quickly, you can press “Home” on the remote.

To start AsiaLive VOD, click on the Apps icon at the main menu and the AsiaLive VOD app.You will be shown the Home screen with the cover art of the respective video. To search by genre, click the “Left” button on the D-Pad of the remote and you will be shown the full list of videos available from movies, TV series, entertainment, sports, news, games, etc. To search by Initials of PinYin, for example, Three Kingdoms, click on “Search” and enter the initials “sg” for San Guo or choose Title Search and type in “san guo” and choose the respective Chinese characters.

You get to save your favourite show or video when you click “Save” icon. The selected video will be displayed on the “Home” screen as a Favourite.