My Own Will was founded in 2010 as an upgrade to outlets addressing living will and estate services. Our intention is to transcend the association between a Will and death. Aspiring to the experience of living every moment to its fullest while instantly recording the essence to live on, we started constructing this site. We believe that a Will is a dynamic characteristic of the human experience! A Living Will is a current of LIFE and your final testament is the Legacy you leave behind.


My Own Will is all about assisting you and your family in developing, maintaining, and sharing your Will.

My Own Will is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced technology and approaches so you are prepared to live and pass in peace while speaking on, leaving an estate and legacy that  your children and beyond will share, informed of their heritage and equipped with the wisdom that only a loved one can provide. We wish to let your Living Will live on and your final testament be the Legacy you leave behind.

Website Features:

Our goal is to provide you with a single secure online location where you can do the following and much more:

   * Construct and tend to your living will and estate using our quick fill forms and legal resources.
   * Have peace of mind by using a virtual vault to privately store videos, photos, and information for the future when your loved ones need to hear your  advice  or feel your love.
   * Share new media contents of your virtual vault with your loved ones today using our free community and tools.
   * Conference, chat, and record in video. Have an online video consultation with an attorney, notary, or any family or professional member who is online. Simply join our free Community today to get started!
   * Live stream video for events like funerals, or family gatherings so even when traveling is not possible, family unity is.
   * Upload and back up legal documents, financial portfolios, proprietary intellectual property, medical records, other electronic accounts' info and passwords, or any file or media you value for 24/7 access via the Internet.