The purpose of the app is simple. We want to create a fair and collaborative playlists for your party. The party host simply creates a new party using the PartiQ app in Spotify. When a new party is created it is given a unique party ID. The ID is then used by the guests to join the party on their smartphone or any other preffered device. When they are connected they can use their smartphone to search and add songs to the party playlist using PartiQ that connects to the Spotify API. The rest is handled by the ”democracy engine” in PartiQ.

Since the launch of PartiQ within the Spotify App Finder June 23rd 2014 the user base has grown from 0 to over 42.000 users per month.

Spotify saw the potential in the application as it passed all techical requirements and first and foremost that PartiQ consists of a unique idea and functionality.

Since PartiQ has been growing fast the need of a great hosting partner has been big. We contacted Digital Ocean, one of the leading hosting companies, and gave a presentation of PartiQ and what our needs were. On October 29th 2014 we entered a sponsorship deal with Digital Ocean.