July, 2011

My Pet Code Launches Powerful Pet Identification System:

St. Catharines, ON, June 30, 2011/Mypetcode.citymax.com/ - Entrepreneur, Scott E. Jutras is very happy to announce the launch of Pet Identification System:
With a smart phone compatible pet tag that links the user to a strayed pets personal web page, My Pet Code uses leading edge technology to bring your pet back home. The qr code tag is available for a one time fee of $24.95 and no annual fees EVER.
Mypetcode.citymax.com. This revolutionary website will give house pets the identity that they’ll absolutely require - in the event that they’ve strayed too far from home.
All responsible pet-owners would like to dismiss the thought of losing their loved-ones (and rightfully so), but accidents happen all the time; and without strategic precautions, a ‘lost pet’ scenario may not always end up with the animal’s proper-return-home.

In conjunction with the MyPetCode website, Scott would like to inform all city residents of the importance of spotting stray animals who may be wearing a particularly unique collar-tag around their neck. Spotting any common house pet, who may seem a little out of place in their current surroundings, is absolutely key!  Properly identifying and manipulating the My Pet Code collar tag (displayed above) will give rescuers the “who, what and where” of the animal, and will help all ‘lost pets’ return home, safely.

With the aid of the ubiquitous smartphone, all a resident would need to do – in order to help - is download a free “QR code scanner” application. Once the ‘app’ has been installed onto the smartphone, the rescuer must hold the screen approximately 1-8 inches away from the tag and let the application scan the code that is embedded. The application will ask the rescuer to link to the pet’s page, and once they have clicked “Yes” or “Accept” then they will then have the ability to view the pet’s web page. The webpage is part of the MyPetCode website and includes detailed pet information; ranging from where the owner can be located to the pet’s food allergies. The more vital information a pet-owner includes on the pet’s webpage, the safer and easier the return will be.

For any other information pertaining to the MyPetCode website or collar-tag, please send all inquiries to Scott Jutras at mypetcode@gmail.com