My Pretty Office ™ is the premier online boutique for pretty, decorative office supplies and desk accessories.  

It's no secret that in our day-to-day home lives it’s the simple pleasure of pretty things that can put a smile on our face.  We owe it to ourselves to create simple joyful moments and little pleasures as we navigate the complexities of the work day.   That is why My Pretty Office ™ was born,  the premier online desk accessories and office supplies boutique.   You will enjoy a variety of great products and the customer experience you deserve.
We have found some very special things with which to decorate and personalize your workspace offered in our boutique.  Whether you like cottage style desk accessories,  high end luxury desk sets, beautiful designer laptop bags, modern desk organizers, decorative stationary or pretty file folders, there is something here for everyone and for all budgets!  

Whether you work in a luxury office, a cubicle, out of your car or from your home... With My Pretty Office™...Work Never Looked So Good!™