My name is Julie Erickson, and I teach job seekers how to find and do work they absolutely love.

I had a long career in non-profit management, and have hired and coached hundreds of people. And for four years in New York City, I worked with the private sector to identify exactly what employers look for when they hire people. I’ve also raised more than $100 million dollars for charity, using a specialized marketing toolbox. I bring that expertise to the field of job search.

Throughout my career, I learned what it takes to get a job that is fulfilling. Through coaching, trial-and-error, bad bosses, and growing self-knowledge, I ended up with work where I was excited about going to work every morning.

Now I share the job search and marketing techniques that worked for me to help YOU find work you really love. I coach people through a personalized job search, where they become specific about exactly what they want to do and what their Core Value Proposition is for employers.

Follow me on Twitter @juliaerickson for quick, practical tips on finding your "right fit" work. You can find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/JobSearchSuccess/