Myseobuddy.com is a SEO agency based in London. Do we help small and medium business get found online? Yes we do. But that is only a small part of the story.

We rather help business get connected to the right audience. You know online is the way ahead, we all know this. But we all get stuck trying to find the No.1 rank in google. Now let me tell you that is not important. Because 80% population in google are in search mode.

You as a small business owner need to connect with the 10-15% folks who are in the buying mode and extract the 3-5% and convert them into your raving fans, who buys anything you recommend.

This is where we come in. We help you build that tribe. I do not know what you have heard about SEO. I even do not know if you have ever given a thought about it. But I thing I can tell you from experience. SEO can massively impact your business growth if yopu can leverage it in building a tribe for you.

Paid marketing, TV, Radio well that all is fine. But they will never help you build a tribe how SEO can do. SO my suggestion for you will be to leverage and choose this power of SEO. It will not burn your pocket. But it will impact you massively. May be not overnight, but 3-6 months with the right strategy your business can simply explode.

Although we are separated by space and time, I wish to meet you someday and help you  explode your business and destroy your competition, and more importantly help you build a tribe. Any which ways we wish you good luck, and meet you sometime soon.